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MECCG Nordic Cup Results

Nordic Cup III 2008 - Linköping, Sweden
Rank Name Country Points Alignment
1. Teemu Drews FIN 16 Hero
2. Eero Hallikainen FIN 13 Hero
3. Mikko Vihtemäki FIN 11 Fallen Wizard
4. Petter Gagerman SWE 10 Fallen Wizard

Nordic Cup II 2007 - Turku, Finland
Rank Name Country Points Alignment
1. Miika Karmitsa FIN 14 Minion
2. Ilkka Launonen FIN 12 unknown
3. Eero Hallikainen FIN 10 Hero
4. Ilkka Lähteenmäki FIN 9 Minion

Nordic Cup I 2006 - Stockholm, Sweden
Rank Name Country Points Alignment
1. Kris Van Beurden BEL 20 Hero
2. Mikko Vihtemäki FIN 16 Hero
3. Stefan Fankel GER 16 Hero
4. Teemu Drews FIN 15 Hero

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